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When Sailor Moon does the “In the name of the moon” speech, Sailor Moon makes the American Sign Language symbol for “I Love You” with her hands.


Did you know? (#13)


In the original printing of Sailor Moon, Ami uses a floppy disk given to her by the Dark Kingdom’s Crystal Seminar. However, in the rereleased manga, Naoko updated the floppy disk into a CD-ROM.

Earlier on I was in my apartment with my friend Tama, who also does my makeup, and we were talking about boys. And, she was like, “Just fucking pick one!”. And, I realized it extends to every bit of my life. Food, I order too many things because I want a little bit of everything. I’ll drink half a coffee, and then I want a bit of orange juice. It’s probably in my nature to be indecisive. Unfortunately. I would like to pick a thing. But, I don’t think I excel at any one thing enough. That’s why I’ve tried to confuse everything by dipping into this and that.

— Alexa Chung (via tragic—youth)